I Seriously Don't Leave My House

Haha, yea. Whatever.


1. i havent seen my girlfriend all week
2. im not allowed to see her this weekend
3. when i cant do those things i usually go and play drums, but im not allowed to play drums because my dad “doesnt feel like hearing that.” BITCH YOU’RE THE ONE WHO TAUGHT ME HOW TO DO IT. so i at least asked to play his electric kit, WITH headphones, so he doesnt have to “hear that”. “lolno”-dad.  SWEET. All’s i want to do atm is just play drums, the last 2 shows i played were the sloppiest of all slop imagined. which really pisses me off. and i made it one of my main points of the week to play drums and regain some “style” if you will. BUT LOLNO LETS MAKE MIKE MISERABLE LOOOOOLLLL

I have a show on saturday. a fucking awesome one. i want our set to be perfect. and i want to sound tight, as well as me personally to sound tight. no more sloppy slop, but it doesnt look like thats gonna happen cause i cant play drums ever in my life. It really isnt fair how even my guitar player plays drums more than me. well at least band practice seemed to go well today. 
BUT on top of it all i cant see my girlfriend. for almost no apparent reason. you have no idea how much i miss her. and i wish i could see her pretty face at the show saturday cheering me on. ugh. OH AND TO TOP ALL THAT I HAVE A LATIN TEST TOMORROW, AANNNNND A RETAKE ON MY DRIVERS TEST. this means im gonna have to stay after and i wont be home until almost 5 tomorrow. YAyAyYAyayaayYYAayYAyaYAyayayAyay

But the main point of me writing this was to explain how much i miss my fucking girlfriend. its driving me almost literally insane. sigh but ranting feels good. HATERS GONNA HATE

gonna go play guitar i guess.